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It seems like everyone who took chemistry in high school remembers either loving it or hating it, with no in-betweens.  However, everyone remembers the crazy explosions and strange demonstrations their teacher performed.  I’m lucky to be that teacher.

While I still am fascinated with ions and balancing equations, I want to be able to get excited over all of the parts of chemistry and have my students also get enthused.

Watching Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about astrophysics is like sitting on a grassy hill in the park, slurping a root beer float on warm summer day: calming, refreshing, yet rewarding and introspection-inducing (and maybe twitching a little from a sugar-high).  I want to talk about chemistry the way Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about planets, stars, and black holes.

Please note:  I have no affiliation with Dr. Tyson, have never met him, and have no contact with him.  This is really just a fan-blog under the guise of some teaching ideas. 

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