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ChemEd Days 1&2!

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After a red-eye and a long layover, I’m in Atlanta, at ChemEd.

Yesterday’s opening ceremonies had Aaron Sams, talking about his journey through teaching and flipping and into conducting professional development. It’s good to have re-affirmation for change, for innovation, and for trying new things. I especially liked the (far-too-silent) truth of chemistry teachers having a sort of superiority complex, enjoying the inaccessibility and weirdness that our jargon affords us. Um. Yes.

Today, I went to sessions on NGSS in chem (didja know there’s a phone app??), energy in modeling systems (with Erica Posthuma-Adams… oooh… much to think through), Ramsey Musallam’s keynote address on playing/teaching to your strengths, tips on writing grants, literature connections especially for ELL kids, and agricultural ideas and hydroponics with Jeff Bracken (whoa… so much goodness going on!).

AAAAANNNND, if all that wasn’t enough, I’ve now met a bunch of Twitter peeps! In person! And they’re just as cool as online!

Take Aways

It’s okay to try new things. In fact, you should try new things. Especially piece-meal. Especially one or two things at a time. Even if you don’t know whether it will work or not. (That’s kinda the scientific method of classes; propose, test, modify.)

And it’s okay to fail. And it will happen. And it probably already has. And you can always revert to previous versions of things, even if you know the old version isn’t super good.

And reflection is super important. It wasn’t explicit in any of the presentations today, but most of the presentations were themselves reflections of materials and courses.

Brain exploding… more tomorrow!


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  1. I agree! So fun to meet everyone from my twitterverse 🙂 so fun to hang around people who, not only get my nerdy weirdness, but share my same interests.


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