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Day 109: Chemistry Subbing

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Day 109/180: subbing for my old chemistry classes

I’ve missed them! And the squeals of “you’re back!” make me pretty grateful to have had such good kids.

They’re in the middle of a lab final, which is kinda where I left them in January. It’s pretty cool to see them going about their business, just knowing what to do (or pretending to). I don’t know if they realize how much they’ve learned, as they navigate titrations and molarity calculations. Makes me proud, even though I had nothing to do with their more recent chemical education. And my hands are super-extra clean after repairing a number of leaking sodium hydroxide burets.

And I also got to see my old colleagues and other faculty and staff. They’re good people.

As much as I’ve enjoyed subbing this year (and I’ve been pretty lucky with this sabbatical year), I’m ready to get back in the game. I’d really like a regularly scheduled job, full of “my” kids and enthusiastic co-workers to work with.


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