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Day 108: Physics Subbing

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Day 108/180: subbing for a short day in physics

The sub assignment said math, but it was physics instead. No problem! I’ve seen versions of the one-battery-bulb-wire lab before. It was fun to see it in action. I also love watching normal classroom routines. It’s May, so every classroom knows what they’re to do with “warm ups” and “work in groups”. Expectations, when engrained, work so smoothly. I liked that they were to work together, but individually explain portions to other people and collect signatures. This worked pretty well, although a few kids just asked for anyone to sign their lab notebooks. Those who took it more seriously created some interesting dialogs about experiments, and even caught some mistakes between groups.

Teachers: For your subs, please list your schedule for the day, even if it’s a normal-schedule day. It’s good for subs to know, especially when it’s an alternating schedule.


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