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Day 106: More SBG Work

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Day 106/180: More SBG work, starting standards/goals for various topics

Pouring rain and some hail make for a good day indoors.

With last time’s list of topics, I started filling in the sub-topics. Perhaps I should re-do this: create a comprehensive list of skills/ideas/standards I want students to have, then divide them into topics/units. I think it might reduce the number of units for the year (rather than basically following chapter headings), and allow me to mix and match things more fluidly.

I wonder how this would change if I had a textbook to work with. I don’t really use a textbook in class anyway, but it’s confusing to students if I say, “You’ve been sick! We’re working on parts of Chapter 5, only a few pages of Chapter 12, and the first half of Chapter 13 right now. Yes, they’re totally related.”

I think I’m getting the hang of making the standards. It’s pretty indicative of the kind of teaching I’ve been doing (i.e., computing lots of numbers). I need to add more things to clarify understanding of concepts, which should help for students continuing in AP.

I need to add laboratory components. What are the lab skills I want students to have? I think many of these will come in a “measurement” unit at the beginning of the year, but what other skills do I want later-part-of-the-year students to learn in lab (or is it mostly about what kids can get from lab results at that point)?

Oooh… this is thereputic. I wish I’d given this a serious start earlier.


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