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Day 103: Chemistry Subbing

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Day 103/180: Chemistry and physical science subbing

One of the frustrating things about being a sub is not always knowing exactly what you’re assigned to. Through the online sub system, I can pick the assignments I want, and I aim for the math and science classes because I know many other subs can’t do them (and frankly, I feel somewhat incompetent in other disciplines). But there’s a pretty big difference between prep for, say, geometry and algebra… or chemistry and biology. Not that I have the same kind of prep as a normal classroom teacher, but I like to be somewhat prepared.

After I picked up my folder and went to my assigned room (chemistry! hooray!), an announcement told all teachers to read an email regarding the 16 absent teachers and to check for period coverage assignments. The chemistry classes were just taking unit tests, so I got to proctor most of the day. I also covered an extra class of physical science, where there were no lesson plans and I couldn’t get hold of another teacher. A para-educator, who’d written down homework for his student, gave me what the kids were supposed to work on.

Had an interesting conversation with the para-ed. Finally got to talk to an adult during the school day.

It was also a Day of Silence for kids in ASL. Strange how they were totally silent with me, but not-so-quiet with their peers. I guess friends don’t count as talking (which is pretty funny in an all-text-all-the-time environment).


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