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Meeting Old Friends

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I met Megan and Justin on Saturday!!

There were a bunch of other people at the table too, whose names I’ve sadly forgotten.

And I tagged along to meet Christopher too. Unsurprisingly, his kids are also smart and funny. It’s so good to meet people in person. Even though I’ve been tweeting and blogging at/with them for about a year and a half, it’s nice to talk in person with someone and hear voices and shoot the breeze.

And it was cool to hear the excitement from EdCampTC and all of the ideas and stuff out of it. I’m looking at an EdCamp near me.

While at the table, someone threw out the idea about having them all teach at the same school, and whether it would work or drive everyone nuts. The discussion didn’t last long, but it seemed like generally people thought it would work. Here’s why I think it would work: enthusiasm and respect. Every person at that table was interested and invested in their profession, and they’re willing to work and change for the benefit of kids and themselves. I think if there were some sort of disagreement in that kind of faculty, I’d like to think they could have an open discussion about the perceived issues. Every school (and probably most jobs) has the people who can be reasoned with, as well as the ones who are good for advice, for mentoring, for ideas, for commiseration. Often, a few of these positive traits overlap in individuals. And there’s also a few people with whom you can’t talk, can’t ask for advice, can’t advise, or can’t deal with, either because they aren’t receptive to you or are against change in general. I think that this kind of trust is part of what makes many workplaces good (or bad) places to work. That if there’s to be a team-based workplace, then most people have to buy-in and contribute to the overall good of the organization. If it’s all about individuals, then people can come and go, and individuals can be replaced easily.

I just like hearing enthusiasm for the profession I love.


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