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Day 101: Even More “Mindset”

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Day 101/180: more “Mindset”

It’s Spring Break in the local district, so no subbing for me this week. Instead, I’ve been fighting off my annual Spring illness and allergies. Super fun.

Back to “Mindset”. I like all of these examples, and it’s helpful to see how various decisions in fixed and growth mindsets manifest. The whole chapter on sports and mindsets made me a little sheepish, as I’ve always “known” that I’m just not athletic. Hmm. But, I’ve never really been super motivated by sports either, no interest in pursuing them. Mindset problem, or chicken and egg problem?

I wonder how much an SBG system with re-takes and lots of not-for-points practice work could encourage a growth mindset for students.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” = fixed mindset?

Bullies and victims as examples of fixed mindsets. Interesting.

You can’t control what other people say or do, but only how you respond to it. = growth mindset

On a side note, my blog noted that someone searched for “things a long term sub should do” and found my page. Hooray! I hope it was useful information for them.


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