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Day 98: Starting “Mindset”

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Day 98/180: Dr. Carol Dweck’s “Mindset”, part 1

I’m long overdue in reading this book. Although I knew the gist of it, it’s so much different to read and think about my own experiences as student and as teacher while going through it.

Growth vs. Fixed mindsets. How people deal with adversity.

I’ve thought about really good students hitting “the wall,” that is, the point where they can no longer cruise through classes and they have to actually study and work through course material. This is really a fixed-vs-growth mindset, and possibly where some people might overcome it (the successful students, of growth mindset), or the kids who won’t make it (the drop outs, the fixed mindsets). And some will change during or because of this struggle.

And having a type of mindset for particular subjects or ideas definitely makes sense. I think I usually frame it as “stuff I don’t want to work on” or “things I’m interested in,” but that’s really a kind of determination of having a growth or fixed mindset.


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  1. I haven’t read it, but I have presented some of the mindset ideas to my class. They seem to like the idea, but I don’t think many show a tendency to want to try to change their mindset from fixed to growth. I think grades are a big factor in promoting fixed mindsets because kids are too afraid to take risks to try to grow. It’s definitely easier to think that people are innately good or bad at certain subjects…because then it’s not your fault if you make mistakes, you are just naturally bad at that subject.

    • Dweck’s discusses all of this (and I’m not eve to page 100 yet!), and I agree. She also makes clear that a fixed mindset isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but that it could potentially have a negative affect. I like that she’s not condemning anyone’s nature, but that Dweck’s is trying to persuade through examples. I’m excited to see what the rest of the book brings.


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