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Day 97: Bad Days Subbing

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Day 97/180: Chemistry subbing and general ickyness

There’s nothing in particular wrong with this week for me. In the local schools, the stomach bug is running amok (I fortunately haven’t caught it). It’s raining (not surprising). My family is basically okay (no deaths, major illnesses, or other maladies). But it feels like a long week. I subbed for a chemistry teacher, whose family is having a nasty week. The chemistry classes, although grumbly about having worksheets, were fine. I, however, am rusty on electrochem. Did have some nice chats with various staff members.

Seems like there’s often a mood to school: the whole staff is having a bad week (or a good week), all of the kids are sick or stressed out or preparing for AP tests… It’s hard when there’s a bad week, particularly when it’s a pervasive thing.


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