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Day 94: More Sub Advice (for Schools)

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Day 94/180: More subbing advice (this time, for school organizational purposes)

I’ve been subbing since January, and I’ve seen lots of systems for subs. Generally, schools have a designated folder for each teacher that contains a room key, a list of classes, an attendance list or roster, a school building map with highlighted route for emergency evacuations (maybe a second plain map, which seems redundant), and sometimes a list of general school rules or procedures for the sub to follow.

Here’s something to add: The Sub Map. The Sub Map should have the following information marked:

  • Main Office / sign-in place
  • Attendance office
  • Scheduled classroom(s)
  • Teacher’s lounge and/or where to eat lunch
  • Where to get coffee and water
  • Staff bathroom
maybe I should trademark this…

Another Good Thing in the designated Sub Folder (and I saw this at one school) is a step-by-step instruction sheet for How To Use the DVD player, including the projector and speakers. This means having different instructions for every room, or standardizing every classroom so the instructions will be the same. This also assumes that the sub will only be showing movies and not actually teaching (not a completely safe assumption, but probably covers a lot of sub plans). Additionally, it’d be good to know if I should (and if I am allowed to) rip the video to a computer desktop for smoother video quality.

Additionally, it’d be nice to know how to use the Document camera and whether I can login on the computer (guest account, please!).

One school provided a sub folder stuffed with information, along with instructions to “familiarize” myself with it. If I have procedural questions, it’s far easier and faster to ask the next-door teacher for help. Here’s a list of Things I’m, Frankly, Not Going to Read in 30 Minutes While Reading the Classroom Teacher’s Instructions and Trying to Prepare:

  • Entire student and/or teacher handbooks
  • All of the emergency procedures for fires, earthquakes, lock downs, lock outs, loss of power, etc. (I will, however, absolutely keep it close and use it if necessary)
  • The course catalog
  • A list of staff names and extentions (unless I know the staff, I’m not going to blindly look through a directory).

Thank you for your time, and remember to request me to sub for you!


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