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Day 93: Applications and Modeling

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Day 93/180: More applications and some modeling instruction

Filling out job applications totally counts as part of my Regeneration year. They take forever, and they all ask for the same stuff (i.e., basically what’s on your resume, which they, strangely, also require). I’ve said it before: the least they could do is use the same program or something. One school, however, did something clever: when I uploaded my resume (the first thing after registering), it sucked out all of the information and tried to put it into the right boxes. All I had to do was make sure everything was in the right place. Kudos!

Then, as a treat to myself (and some PD and kinda a test to see if I really, really, want to go to see about modeling chemistry at ChemEd in July), I attended an AACT webinar by Larry Dukerich and Brenda Royce on modeling. (Slides here and more info on modeling here.) Strangely for a curriculum / way of teaching, it seems vaguely cult-ish: you either model or you don’t. And although large parts of it seem like things I already do (or want to do), I never quite understood what “the model” was, or if its definitions change over time. I was also surprised that they didn’t have any data to support the use of modeling (over their previous instructional styles) in the classroom. However, I still agree with the rationale of let-kids-figure-it-out-and-it-will-stick-better. I wasn’t sold on that presentation, but I’m not entirely discouraged yet


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