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Day 92: Subbing for Social Studies

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Day 92/180: Social studies and extra helping

My first subbing-by-request from a non-science/math teacher! He took two periods on a field trip, so I only had three classes to show a movie. The rest of the day, I helped another teacher with small errands and odd jobs.

It’s been a long time since I took a non-education, non-science course. It was kinda fun to have something new to me. I, sadly, am pretty unfamiliar with the history of India (and non-Western history in general), so it was kinda fun to watch a pretty melodramatic historical fiction film. But it’s also fun to listen to what the kids comment on, and see the nature of the classes. Even though I didn’t interact much with them, I have a guess as to which is the fun class, the energetic class, and the serious class.


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