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Day 91: More Social Justice Stuff

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Day 91/180: social justice random-ness

It’s a professional development day in the local district (read: no subbing available!), so I figured that it’d be a great day to do my own PD. Besides clearing out more backlogged stuff, I’m now noticing how much of it is related to social justice. I’m obviously interested in it, and I obviously need more of it in my reading and thinking.

Sad side note: I got most of these links from Twitter, but I no longer know who Tweeted them.

Listened to Rusul Alrubail on this (far too short) podcast. I was struck by her thoughtful clarity in possible issues during classroom discussions. I definitely agree with the idea of re-directing people back to the central topics when they’re mad or indignant. That makes a lot of sense to me. I would love to hear more from Rusul!

Played The Shape Game by Vi Hart and Nicky Case. Super interesting (and, at times, frustrating!) to see how patterns emerge from prejudices. For me, mini-non-binding-versions of this when my family goes to Chinese restaurants… Oof. More to process.

Took a few Implicit Bias tests, which approximate your unconscious biases against particular groups.

And this Big Marker talk by Elizabeth Self on on Seeing your students. Big things in my head: automatic (integrated!) assumption that “minority” = somehow diminished/lesser; practicing common student/parent interactions before needing them. This one is juicy. I need to watch it again (I keep saying that).


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