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Day 90: Physics Subbing

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Day 90/180: subbing for physics, physical science, and study skills

Today, I subbed for science in the last of the “neighborhood” (non-lottery-based choice) high schools. Good kids (either I’ve so far lucked out in the good-kid-department while subbing, or I’m pretty tolerant of things, or they’re all playing nice with me, or…??). I really should try to learn physics again. I was always able to get the concepts, and I could also do the math, but somehow, putting those two things together was really challenging for me. My free-body diagrams always had too many arrows, and the math I thought I needed was usually excessive. No wonder I was relieved to have chemistry!

I’m still amazed that going to the staff lunchroom is so solitary. Only once has anyone ever asked who I was, or who I was subbing for. I know that there’s lots of little sub-groups for lunch, as well as down-time, but I’m not sure people recognized me as not-staff. Is the staff so disconnected that they don’t recognize new faces? Too shy to ask me? Or is it my responsibility to introduce myself to everyone?


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