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Day 89: Middle School Subbing

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Day 89/180: subbing for middle school science

Middle school isn’t really my thing. I much prefer nearly-adult-persons with nearly-adult-faculties-and-decision-making-abilities. While each class took a quiz, I got to observe them and see how much Earth science I’ve forgotten review Earth science. I do like a good volcano and earthquake study.

It was hard to tell much about the kids, other than they were generally good. What I did like was the school. It’s a choice school, part of the public system. But it just felt… friendly. Coat hooks were in the hallway, not in lockers, and kids could even leave bags without fear of stuff getting stolen. This was the first staff room that actually had people in it during lunch (and someone’s birthday meant cake!) Atmosphere in a building, whether it’s school or household or workplace or museum or whatever, makes a big difference in people’s experience while present in that environment.


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