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Day 88: Allow Me to Explain Myself

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Day 88/180: continuing thoughts from yesterday’s musings on being a viable/useful sub

Today, I got my favorite: chemistry! Honors and AP levels… it’s so good to be in my element. The AP classes didn’t ask me anything other than the location of lab supplies. But the Honors classes, I got to teach again! I hope I did a sufficient job for explaining polarity and intermolecular forces for the classroom teacher. The kids seemed pretty grateful, so that’s a plus for me.

It feels good to be the expert on something. And while, yes, kids need to discover things on their own, they didn’t understand the notes they had. But they could answer things I asked along the way (for example, they knew what electronegativity was, but not how it related to intermolecular forces).

It’s nice to be wanted.


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