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Day 84: More Math Subbing

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Day 84/180: subbing at another high school

It’s interesting what a difference a few miles makes across the same district. The kids wear different clothes (long hair for girls, hoodies for everyone at this school), there’s different degrees of technology, and the language is different. While I’m used to hearing a few bad words from students, there seemed to be a plethora of blue-words at this school. It’s all part of the general school culture and mood. I don’t have a particular difficulty with this, it’s just fun to play at anthropology.

Today, the office-person who usually takes care of subs was also absent. Lesson plans were stuck in her mailbox, so I had to find another teacher to ferret them out. It was also a special schedule because of a whole week (!) of SBAC preparation today. Not the actual test, just a week of getting kids used to the idea of taking them and making sure their district-issued laptop would run it. As a sub, I had no access to any of the digital things I was supposed to show students, so another teacher had them all update things while she read off the digital slides (which really sounded like a presentation/justification for parents, and bored the kids).

I need to add a few things to my Daily Sub Advice:

  • Check that the attendance list is up-to-date. Get it fixed if it’s not. Attendance is a legal document, not just silly notetaking.
  • Bring a game or two for students to play with, if they’re not going to work on the ever-popular “just do homework” thing that many teachers assign for subs. Especially something slightly off-the-beaten-path, to catch interest (I brought Swish).


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