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Day 77: Subbing for Math

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Day 77/180: subbing for calculus, algebra II, and extra-help algebra II

It’s the first day of the new semester. Seeing calculus always makes me want to re-take calc so that I could remember what my college notes actually mean. It’s been too long. The algebra II class was fun and active, although they didn’t appreciate a pre-test before their homework. The extra-help algebra class was team-taught with the next-door teacher.

For the most part, the kids were basically the same age: mostly juniors. What I found interesting was how they treated each other. All day, the kids were mostly focused on their respective work. The calc students worked with each other to explain how new concepts worked. The algebra students asked each other whether they had similar answers.

There was also a good reminder for me regarding classroom management. In the two extra-help classes, the cooperating teacher ran them slightly differently, in terms of whom he called on, how much he required from each kid, and how he asked for corrections. I know you can treat individuals differently, but it’s helpful to remember that each class may also need slightly different unspoken rules and procedures.


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