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Day 76: POTUS and Marzano

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Day 76/180: Odds and ends, but lots of edu-thinking

As I tried to convince myself to not binge-watch TV and knit, I instead turned to YouTube to catch up on Hank and John Green. I really appreciate their honesty and dedication to better society with nerdfighteria and Project for Awesome, among other things. Friday’s video from Hank talked about education, and while the title of “Is School Broken?” is pretty provocative, he also doesn’t really give his opinion on the matter. He does, however, mention that he (and a couple other people I’m not familiar with) will be talking with President Obama on Thursday, and to tag any questions with #YouTubeAsksObama for him to get some ideas. I kinda went nuts, and Hank will probably stop reading before getting through all 23 things I tweeted, but there’s my morning.

And then… text time. I’m finally reading “Classroom Assessment & Grading that Work” by Marzano. I’ve bookmarked and skimmed and/or read a lot of webpages and blogs, but I’ve needed to start at the beginning to create an SBG-based curriculum. Not super-riveting, and I’ll admit to skipping a lot of the justification-stuff at the beginning (I already agree!), but this needs to happen. If nothing else, I’ll get practice with actually writing a curriculum again.


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