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Day 71: On Being a Long-Term Sub

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Day 70/180: How to love your Long-Term Sub

I’ve learned a lot from this experience.

I also hope that others can learn from me. In case you’re ever in need of a long-term sub, here’s a handy document I made. It consists of all of the questions I had to ask someone I order to do my job for those 12 weeks. Basically, I wish I had been given a New Staff Orientation (or something like that), plus a bunch of questions for the regular teacher, so that I could better fit into her classroom, including approximate curriculum, late work policies, whether kids can listen to music during class, and so on. The teacher I subbed for was super helpful, and just wanted to make sure her kids were taken care of while she was on maternity leave. As a classroom teacher, you don’t always know or have the capacity to do this in advance, but this list of stuff was very useful to me.

How to Love Your Long-Term Sub Doc

Tomorrow, I’ll have some more thoughts.


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