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Day 70: My Last Day (and Lab Final Day 7)

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Day 70/180: Lab Day 7, and my last day in the long-term sub job

My students… last day with my students. I miss them already. I’ve worked with them for 12 weeks, which is a lot of the foundations for the course. I told them to do well on their final, so that the regular teacher requests me as a sub when her kids are sick.

A couple of kids wanted hugs on the way out the door (since I’m fighting a head cold, I only shook [washed] hands). I wrote an absent kid a note that I’ll be watching for her, when she gets her SPED degree. I finished a two-page list of thoughts on the classes, and on particular kids to watch and keep tabs on. I gave her extra files I used with the kids.

I also took a bunch of things with me. Most importantly, contacts. The other two chemistry teachers I worked with are amazing, and I would love to work with them again. And I started thinking about making new courses, and I have a lot to do for them but want to do it… badly. I started thinking about how I have taught in the past, how it coincides (or clashes) with this sub-job, and how I want to teach in the future. I got use the personal-skills I acquired in the one-on-one school in a large school setting and see how it all works.

I feel fortunate to have the luxury of being a substitute for a few months, and examining my own work and thought processes. I know not everyone can afford (time-wise or monetarily or otherwise) to take time off from full-time work and have a gap-year to re-jigger their heads.

I’m looking forward to seeing my kids (I guess I now have to say “my” kids) again sometime later this year, when I’m subbing for their sick teacher.


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