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Day 69: New Year, Lab Final, Day 6

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Day 69/180: more lab final

It being the first day after break, my kids were pretty distracted. The classes in the morning were definitely more focused than the afternoon classes (and this isn’t anything new). I want to figure out how to encourage work from extra-social groups.

It also makes me wonder again about introverted vs. extroverted teachers, and how interactions with groups is probably very different. I like the ideas behind TLAP, but don’t think I have the personality to pull off the outrageous stuff. My students say I have a strange sense of humor, but I’m not much for the loud shenanigans that some of my coworkers do on a daily basis. I’m not the teacher who will yell, “NICE GOATEE!” at kids through the crowded hallways, or the one who will use student names on tests. I will, however, use crazy hand-waving to describe chemical reactions, and quietly suggest cheering as a viable method to make lab time to pass faster.

I guess what I’m thinking is, there’s clearly different ways to get through to different kids. Maybe there’s also different way that different teachers can communicate to students.


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