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Day 61: Lab Corrections and Self-Confidence

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Day 61/180: corrected the specific heat capacity lab, and starting to think about the test

I have a good feeling for the next test. Kids seem to be okay with the material on (really basic) energy and heat. They’re actually surprising themselves with how much they understand, which is actually kind of sad that they assume they’re not going to do well. Granted, the last test gave a lot of them a not-great grade (the average was still a C), and this test covers a lot less material. But I don’t want any kid to go into a test with fears. There’s some research that says that just thinking about positive test outcomes raises scores (I should find that paper again). I should find ways of improving my students’ confidence going into tests (and other work too), and perhaps the outcomes (including course outcomes, grades, and/or view of topic in general?) might be improved. Wonder if there’s research on that…


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