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Day 50: Limiting Practice

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Day 50/180: corrected yesterday’s lab and started a limiting reagent worksheet

Kids were the usual amount of squirrelly for the Friday before Thanksgiving break. Generally spirits were good, but Tuesday’s pending test kept some on-focus.

When students correct each other’s labs, I collect the books and enter grades into the grade book. Two students didn’t think that I actually read the labs (I gotta know what kids understand and what they’d miss), so they wrote notes to each other and unrelated comments in each point of the last sections. I’m mad enough that I don’t know what to do about their scores or what conversation to have with them on Monday.

I’m pretty bad at confrontation, and this type of interaction is what gets me. I’m okay with contacting parents regarding grades and such, especially if the kid is working hard; its figuring out how to help that kid. But this level of disrespect I just don’t understand. I don’t know how I’m supposed to overcome that kind of disregard in order to have a productive conversation.


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