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Day 48: Limiting Reagents and BLTs

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Day 48/180: limiting reagents and percent yield notes

I’ve thought about this day as one of my favorites, in terms of lecture/notes. I mean, when Monday’s notes involve pound cake and today’s involve BLTs, it’s a pretty good chapter. And makes them hungry (not entirely metaphorically, either). I do like a good sandwich. Pastrami, please.

A few meetings and tasks ate up more time than I was expecting, so lab set-up, even though it was relatively quick, kept me later than I’d like. Still have to clean up the last one tomorrow morning. And write the rest of an answer key.

My goal is to finish correcting these formal lab reports this weekend. Done. Done done. I need them to be done. There are so many, I think I’m getting inconsistent with grading them, and am resisting (for now) the temptation to go back and see if I was too harsh/lenient with the first few.


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