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Day 44: Corrective Lenses

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Day 44/180: checking labs and test review

Tuesday was Veterans’ Day, and no classes. Yesterday, I was at home, sick. My students saw random in-house subs through the day. Fortunately, it was supposed to be a work day, so (according to the subs), most of them actually worked. I gave them 15 minutes today to ask me stuff and finish the lab before correcting it. In each class, there was at least one kid who needed me to explain how the equations worked from the beginning. Makes me wonder what they’ve been doing for the last few days.

This is my homework, and what approximately 130 lab books looks like:

In some ways, I’m glad I’m catching them before the test (which is tomorrow). In other ways, I know that they also may not be prepared for the next chapter of material. Getting to the test is one thing; retaining the current information for the next section of work is another.


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