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Day 43: Ionic Equations Lab, Day 1

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Day 43/180: Starting the net ionic equations lab, plus another assembly

Tomorrow’s Veteran’s Day, so there’s no school. Today’s assembly was to honor veterans as well as remind kids why tomorrow’s a big deal (besides getting to sleep in). A nice gesture, I think. Again, it’s on the list of good-things-about-this-school-environment.

The lab itself was pretty quick, and everyone finished easily within the shortened periods. That means Wednesday (which is short anyway), they’ll all be working on writing a whole bunch of molecular equations, complete ionic equations, and net ionic equations in their lab books. And hopefully, they’ll finish that worksheet too. And be ready for Friday’s test. I keep telling them that they have a crazy number of tests, but the good news is that each one is on a limited amount of stuff (which is only sorta true, since chemistry is pretty cumulative).

I get to continue (finish) grading those lab reports tomorrow.


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