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Day 41: Ionic Equations

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Day 41/180: Notes on molecular, ionic, net ionic equations

As the school and school district mess with my computer accounts again (I think I finally have access to the state system, so I can enter kids’ formal lab reports as finished), in-class stuff is going as planned. Today was the second installment of notes for the chapter.

I kind of like going through the complete ionic equations and seeing what’s really happening in mixtures. I’m not sure, however, that it yet means anything to my students. The textbook is in a strange order (skipping from math-intensive moles to properties and back to stoich). That’s either to keep up math and non-math skill retention, or just weirdness. The bigger problem is that my students haven’t actually modeled any molecules yet, and I’m a little worried that they don’t have any connections between chemical-formula-letters and tiny pieces of matter (or even clay balls and toothpicks) in a beaker.

I made a few more kids pass that nomenclature test, and fielded a couple of emails from frustrated parents, who are just noticing now that their student’s grades look terrible if the now-four-week-old-test hasn’t been completed. I also had a good study session with a kid who’s super far behind (but he seems to pick up on things far faster than I thought).


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