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Day 39: Mole Test Day

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Day 39/180: Mole conversion tests, paperwork

My students said that the test wasn’t particularly hard, but it was long. Most managed to finish within classtime, but a few ran over. Students in other classes claimed my test was easier (wonder why they knew mine was easier than theirs) than other teachers’ tests. Actually it was the same test, so perhaps my students were better prepared. We’ll see in the grading.

I spent most of the day making sure all of 1st quarter’s grades are in the online gradebook so they can be uploaded soon. Except that I have no access to the state requirement system, so they’re again fiddling with my accounts. As long as things don’t get deleted, I promise I won’t get super upset.

Got a few more kids to pass that required nomenclature test, and made them high-five me when they finally passed. I’ve really missed working with kids. I especially love working with kids who want to get it.


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