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Day 38: Study Time

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Day 38/180: turning in the papers and studying

Today, students finally turned in the paper copies of their formal lab reports, and uploaded them to You’d think that the extra hour of sleep from the release of Daylight Savings would have helped, but most hadn’t noticed (I wonder if the automatic-phone-clock-change negates their appreciation for this time of year).

Studying for tomorrow’s mole conversion test was about as varied as each kid. Some diligently worked through a review sheet (most were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, especially after that lab report), some chose to chat about television shows. My prompts were mostly ignored, but I think I’ve figured out which kids need to be asked rather than waiting for them to see me.

So what’s a good way to run test reviews? Each kid is different, for sure. So is running a game-type review, or a sit-and-drill review, or here’s-a-worksheet review may or may not work for anyone. I’ve never had a good feel for how kids need to study.


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