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Day 36: Fake Out

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Day 36/180: Lab not really due, workday

I’d been told to project the due date for the formal lab report a day early so that kids would actually do it. I don’t like deceptive tactics like this because it really stressed out a bunch of kids; on the other hand, many only had a few sentences written, so it didn’t work anyway. It was also pretty easy to predict which kids were in those two camps. Perhaps the ones who only had a few lines will actually get something done, and hopefully the usually-on-task-anyway kids can cope with the stress and now-minimal work for the weekend.

I did get to help some of the really struggling kids. It’s nice that they want to get help during class, but a few who swear up and down that they’ll come in outside of class, just haven’t.

There’s always these few kids in every class, it seems, and I’m doing my best to keep them on top of things. At what point is it out of my hands and now in theirs?


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