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Day 35: The No-Good, Very Bad Lab Day

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Day 35/180: Lots goes wrong, including fires

It’s probably not the best thing for a science teacher to incinerate students’ lab materials, however accidentally.

This morning started off with 1st Period working diligently, and putting wet filter papers in the drying oven. I took out the first few products, and went to show some formatting things to other students, when there was suddenly white, billowy smoke coming out of the oven. Open windows and the ventilation system didn’t get the smoke out fast enough. Fortunately, it wasn’t raining while everyone trooped outside for the fire alarm.

Second period I had to take to another room while mine aired out. Mostly, it smelled of burned paper, which made me want toasted marshmallows. Their filter papers are drying on the counter.

I stewed during my 3rd period prep (and obtained more lab supplies).

4th, 5th, and 6th periods were pretty flexible on the lab (6th period gave me a gregarious cheer for the fire alarm). I also realized that although I’ve been quizzing kids on what this lab is really doing all week, only a handful seem to know what’s going on. This will probably make for some strange lab reports.

I have a lot of good kids in my classes. So far, there’s been no major freak-outs (we’ll see how tomorrow goes), and most kids are making good, honest efforts in class.

As I’m typing this, I realize that most of the bad things were really only bad for me personally (my car engine light is on, a sense of dread for the reports, a bunch of grading to do, the worm in my lunch apple, etc.). I hope, besides my admission to the fire alarm, my irritation at myself didn’t show too much for my students today. Something to work on.


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