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Day 34: Starting the Big Lab

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Day 34/180: Start of the required lab, checking homework, and some running thoughts

Time to assuage some panic for this big lab. Hopefully it worked, or at minimum, they realize that I’m not gonna back down. To be honest, I’m not sure it’s a realistic timeline, especially with a lot of kids in and out for Friday’s homecoming festivities. We’ll see how this goes. What they don’t realize: how to write a rough draft (I heard several say out loud that they never write rough drafts), editing (since they don’t do rough drafts, they clearly don’t know how to edit), how to plan ahead in the writing (lab reports are awfully formulaic). They can sketch out exactly the formatting and calculations even if they don’t know the final masses yet, and this doesn’t seem to gel with many of them. I wonder if it’s a by-product of their non-editing-habits. We’ll see how much they have ready tomorrow.


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  1. I started making my kiddos turn in a rough draft of big lab reports when I realized that so many of them didn’t bother with one. They get 10 points just for turning it in, and I get to give useful comments.

    • Yes, they have to do a “Peer Edit” tomorrow, to get useful feedback before I look at it. I’m giving them some points for having anything in their lab notebooks, plus the peer edit. I’m told the final copy’s usually pretty good.


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