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Day 33: More Mole Calculations

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Day 33/180: More empirical and molecular formulas, and some slight panic

It’s been on the calendar for a few weeks, so kids (who check the online calendar) should have known it was coming: the required formal lab report dun dun duuuuun!. It’s actually a state requirement, so every kid has to get a “proficient” stamp on one report sometime during their high school tenure. Some have already passed, and many have not. And, added benefit, it’s due this week, when there’s also Homecoming and Halloween (yes, Homecoming on Halloween, so the kids won’t be super distracted on Friday or anything).

Kids were really distressed that the lab would be due this week, and they don’t get two weeks to work on it as in previous years. I have no idea why it would take two weeks to produce a paper that’s nearly copied from work in a paper lab notebook. Yes, they have other homework (of course), but they get to work on this report in class for three days. And, it’s peer-edited, so it’s vetted by other students for completion before it’s turned in to me. They should be pretty good. And generally, their labs are pretty good quality. This one doesn’t have terribly weird calculations or complicated nomenclature; it’s just one reaction.

Holding ground is hard.


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