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Day 32: Procedures

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Day 32/180: Notes for finding empirical and molecular formulas, and some local events

Kids corrected their homework, then diligently took notes on calculating empirical and molecular formulas. They need a class on how to take notes, rather than copying all of the stuff on slides. I’m still glad I split this topic into two days, even though it means that next week is one less day on the big formal lab report, which is required for graduation (some kids have already passed it). I don’t think they need another day, to be honest. I’ll find out how wrong I am, when the lab is due on Halloween, which also happens to be Homecoming. Maybe I need to do some serious planning this weekend….

One week ago, our school had that active-shooter drill. About an hour after that article was posted, this happened. Marysville is only about an hour from us, and a lot of teachers were twitchy today. None of my students mentioned anything, and I only found out around lunchtime via an email from the principal. It’s hard to think of what those kids and parents are going through, and I hope they are able to have a safe and healing weekend.


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