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Day 30: More Mole Calculations

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Day 30/180: A short Wednesday, with continuations for mole calculations

They’re getting it, but I’m wondering just how much is due to my teaching. I want to teach very differently, and I find myself needing to take stock of what I am doing and what I have done, just to make sure that I covered what I think I have. I’m afraid my 6th period (last period) might not have everything they need. I was also told that the kids are grouped by math abilities, so some of what that last period is “missing” is something I can’t control.

Only 1/3 of my students passed that last test with the required 90%. I want to know how much of that was/is my fault, and how much is that they didn’t study, didn’t think it was a big deal, worked hard but didn’t get it, etc. But do I need to know this? How would that information help me in the future?

I’m feeling pretty ineffectual right now (partially augmented with the current Seattle weather — which is to say, normal for October).


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