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Day 29: More Moles and Reaffirmation

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Day 29/180: Mole notes and The Why

In which students took notes off of a PowerPoint slide deck and tried practice problems… Again.

I’m tired of slides and practice problems. A lot of my students are also tired of this procedure. Two students, in separate classes, called me out in the why-am-I-doing-this way. One was mad that he couldn’t re-take other tests. Yup, I agree. I want to do SBG of some flavor, do that re-takes are acceptable and even encouraged. One student said, “I can do the math, but I don’t understand what’s the big deal of changing units.” Yup, I agree. I really want to do modeling instruction in my next classroom.

It’s frustrating to, on one hand, feel like a new teacher again now that I’m back in the classroom after 7 years doing other things. That frustration is being compounded by re-discovering the frustrations I had when I left the classroom seven years ago. Same frustrations. I don’t like the way “traditional” chemistry classes are taught. Not if my students are going to really understand what they’re doing and why. I don’t just want them to find answers to the problems in the book. I want to be able to throw random ideas at them (or have them create their own projects) and figure out what they need to solve them.

I’m getting really ready for January/February, when I can really concentrate on creating my own curricula.


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