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Day 28: Pre-Moles

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Day 28/180: Returning the required nomenclature tests and starting moles

It’s National Chemistry Week, and I’d love to be doing some activities related to moles. Instead, I had a Monday.

I graded that test over the weekend. About 1/3 of my students got that required 90% for this test. While I’m pretty disappointed that the test grades mostly looked like the normal distribution of scores (I.e., a lot more spread than I thought from a you-know-it-or-don’t test), I’m also disappointed in my teaching that only 1/3 got the required grade the first time. It means a heckuva lot of make-up tests in my future (and theirs) while trying to learn the next thing.

I also have students starting to sink. There’s usually a few, but I’m super uncomfortable with dealing with students who aren’t exactly “mine”, especially when I don’t even know what resources are available for them.


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