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Day 25: A Non-Day

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Day 25/180: Keeping freshmen entertained while my students take the PSAT

While sophomores and juniors took the PSAT, I got to babysit freshmen. It really was babysitting. They were to watch a 6-minute video about the career center, and then I was supposed to entertain them somehow for an hour before taking them to the theater to watch some speakers.

And then a science staff meeting, and grading lab notebooks.

So now I’m thinking about just how much I want to put into the subbing job, and how much I want to just follow along with all of the prescribed stuff that’s all laid out for me. It’s such a time-saver to just go along with the flow. But it feels so irresponsible (and lazy and uncomfortable) to be using someone else’s notes and materials.

That being said, I’m far more comfortable now with all of the available technology (which I’ve never had before) now that I’m (mostly, finally) online. Not being able to log onto computers for the first week was difficult, but then not having access to grading, attendance, or district LMS for more than two weeks was ridiculous. I’m not the first (nor the last) long-term sub they’ve had, and everyone said that I was the first one who had all of these problems.

So I made a four-page list of stuff a long-term stuff would want to know. Things like where to get tissues and paper towels, which software is needed and what is banned, approximate schedules for the course, other people in the department, how to clean up science labs (like hazmat stuff), and who to call about random questions. It’s weird to me that there isn’t a list like this already. Be nice to your subs!


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