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Day 22: In The Dark

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Day 22/180: Starting a nomenclature/double replacement lab, partially in the dark

I showed my students pictures of Wednesday morning’s blood-moon eclipse, then they started a long lab. Dropper bottles-full of ionic compounds, doing double-replacements. Some pretty spectacular precipitates made the kids gasp a few times.

And then toward the end of 5th period, the power went out. Fortunately, the mostly-unreliable Pacific Northwest October weather was actually sunny at that time, and the windows (along with kids’ cell phone lights) allowed them to keep working through the period. When they found the water also didn’t work (must be on electric pumps or something), another teacher helped me pull out already-filled wash bottles. And I’m super impressed by 6th period, who worked the entire period in the dark with no running water.

Lots to do Monday morning, when there’s electricity again.


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