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Day 21: Polyatomic Ions

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Day 21/180: Polyatomic ions, acids, and lab set up

Today was pretty static. I don’t like static days, where kids just sit in their seats. I totally get the other teacher’s need for notes (and mostly agree with it), but it sucks to have to write down all of this stuff that’s also posted online through the LMS. Kids need a class on how to take notes, rather than just copy what’s on the screen.

I also think it’s a little confusing for kids to have to memorize a bunch of stuff, and not other stuff. They have to know four acids by name and formula, but she gives them a list of common ions. I tried to tie the acids to the polyatomic ions on the list. We’ll see if that helps.

Two kids came in after school, one to make up a test, and one to start tomorrow’s lab since she’ll be gone. The guy taking the make up test asked how I liked the school, and he said that he enjoyed my teaching over the other teacher. Super flattering, but also kinda guilt-inducing. I sure want the kids to learn from me (and hopefully enjoy it), but I also don’t want them to dread the return of the other teacher. The other student was working through the lab, and she asked if I was from here. We started talking about teaching and traveling, and had a lovely conversation. She liked that freshman science finally meant something (seeing stuff change color now, rather than just balancing meaningless equations then).

I know my freshman general science curriculum is bad. I hadn’t thought about what parts of it means to the kid (sounds so obvious now, why didn’t I think of it when I used it 8 years ago?) When I re-do that whole curriculum, I need to make it useful and interesting, in addition to meeting some NGSS standards. And good labs. And a few more good labs. Man, the more I think about it, the more I want to do modeling instruction.


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