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Day 19: Nomenclature and Connections

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Day 19/180: Nomenclature notes and connecting with kids

I finished grading tests overnight, and entered them into the books. I’m also finally able to access the grading program, so I’ve entered all of the material from the previous unit. I might be caught up, or something. Today, I talked through a PowerPoint of notes on nomenclature. A lot of it was repetitive from yesterday’s assignment, but I also got to help them try out some naming.

I’m finally starting to connect with kids too. They thought my “grandma words” were funny, although a few didn’t like my impression of a grandma (I assure them that I loved my grandma). Four kids stayed after school to make up tests and labs, and two asked me how I liked it at the school. One remarked that the staff is just… nice. I thought it was pretty profound for a student to say that (and hope it didn’t indicate a poor environment elsewhere). But it’s true. I’ve been greatly supported by the staff (I counted over 35 emails on my behalf regarding getting me online). And the students at this school are also good kids. I’m pretty lucky to have this subbing assignment.


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