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Day 18: New Chapter

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Day 18/180: Intro to Chapter 4, nomenclature

Over the weekend, I had finally had internet access! Instead of grading tests, I spent my weekend learning how the email, grading, learning management program, and attendance systems all worked. I uploaded stuff to the LMS, I still couldn’t get into the grading program, but I could get finally get email.

And on Monday morning, I was locked out again.

After weekend updates, students just went through a worksheet that outlines the next chapter. Nomenclature isn’t super interesting to me, but it’s necessary. I like that the department decided to just do it in less than two weeks’ time, and that kids have to pass the test with 90% or higher. It’ll be good for the rest of the year, and if the students are going to take AP next year, they’ll need to know names of chemicals.


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