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Day 17: Periodic Table Test Day

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Day 17/180: Test on the periodic table, finding charges, etc. The extra credit question was a brutal equation to balance.

Pretty quiet day. While students tested, I went through their homework packets (all of the stamped, timely work gets points for effort). Still no access to the grading program, and the paper tracking is getting pretty long.

I see the advantages to this kind of homework system: it’s far less work for the teacher (correcting is done in class by the students), points are given for effort rather than needing to be proficient the first time, so a lot of pressure is taken off the kids and teacher. It also puts the responsibility of understanding material on the student; if a kid doesn’t get it (and wants to get points), they either need to just try it out (since the assignment isn’t graded for accuracy) or come to the teacher before class and get help. I know that won’t work for some kids, but my students seem to like it. I kinda like it too.


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