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Day 14: Lab Day!

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Day 14: chemical reactions lab.

First lab day! No injuries, no burnt hair, no smoke detectors triggered… A good day!

I also got to teach nearly every kid how to light a Bunsen burner properly. Many had never lit a match. This is why I used to make this a mini-lab-practical for my freshmen. Everyone should know how to start a fire and put it out safely. (Cue hat-tip to Gever Tulley.)

The students have to finish writing up the lab (following a very specific format) for tomorrow, when they will peer-grade them. I just get to write the scores in the grade book. Kinda nice (for me), but pretty different from what I used to do.

I’m looking ahead to Friday’s unit test, and the next chapter of stuff. Nomenclature isn’t my favorite thing, but it’s necessary.


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