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Day 12: Balancing Acts

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Day 12: balancing equations, types of reactions, and real teaching

I got a text, around 6am, that the teacher was going into labor. My first day was on!

Because I wasn’t in the district, I wasn’t allowed to have email access or Haiku access or even log onto the computers. So the PowerPoint the teacher left for me remained invisible to me (but accessible for the kids, who all have laptops). Super convenient (not). But, at least I got to do hand-written notes, which I much prefer to slides anyway. The only problem was covering the information in this (strict!) schedule, since I didn’t know what the schedule was.

I love balancing equations. There’s something kinda zen about it. Everything’s nicely tallied at the end, there’s just enough of everything. It’s a brain-feel-good thing for me.

I also teach pretty differently from the other teacher. There’s nothing wrong with different teaching styles (especially if you have no energy because you’re pregnant). But instead if yawns, today I saw smiles and giggles. Kinda cool. I’ve missed this!


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