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Day 11: Ions

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Day 11: Super quick info on ions and ionic compounds.

Still not-quite-teaching. Because this teacher didn’t know who her sub would be (or even whether they’d find a science person or not), for the duration of the current unit, she put together a thumbdrive full of PowerPoints for notes, some worksheets and other homework assignments, and a schedule for the duration. This is a department-thing, as they’re very nearly lock-step, so I’ll be trying to maintain that.

So, through the pre-provided slides, I reviewed info on protons, neutrons, and electrons (most kids seem to have it pretty well), and then go into ions. Ion notes were pretty confusing for me, and throwing neutrons back in the mix, when they have nothing to do with charge, was really messing with kids.

It’s hard to fill in for someone. It’s also hard to fill in stuff that you do a different way, especially when you think your way is better or clearer. I’d have done the whole course in a different order, so now I’m working on not-discussing some stuff that the kids will see next semester, and bringing up other things that I don’t usually address for a while.


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