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Day 9: Periodically

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Day 9: Still not quite subbing, following best laid plans.

I’m still not quite actually in charge, but since I have limited (read: virtually no) experience with students working on their own district-provided computers, it was good to shadow the regular teacher around again today. This week was originally set up (with the rest of the department) with a random sub in mind (how often do you get a qualified long-term sub in STEM fields??), so that if she was gone, the sub could get into the swing of things pretty easily. So, I’m following the plans for the week, whether she’s there or not. The kids worked on a website/worksheet to search for periodic table trends. The teacher continued to show me locations of things, like lab equipment, the bits and pieces in drawers, gas line switches, who to call when the smoke detector goes off… ya know, normal stuff.


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