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Day 7: Cramming and Real Preparation

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Day 7: National Boards Field testing and thinking about Monday

This morning, I participated in field-testing the new National Boards tests. Maybe I should do the real Boards when they’re up and running again.

After some emails, I spent the afternoon trying to cram stuff together in my head for a potential Monday lesson. The teacher I’ll be subbing for will be going on maternity leave, but because she’s still pregnant, she’s still considered fit to work. I may not be subbing on Monday after all, rather, “assisting” possibly with or without pay (but I’ll get to see how she works with her class, which is super-valuable information). Never mind that I don’t yet have a district email or access… who needs in-house resources anyway?

Hey, guess what unit the kids will be learning? ATOMS AND PERIODIC TABLE STUFF! CHARGE!


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